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Infrastructure Ambulance Services

A solution created by Progress Ways that helps us understand client operation challenges, meeting compliance regulations, protecting computing infrastructure, providing a service level agreement to ensure the Infrastructure Availability, Integrity and Confidentiality.

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Professional Services

ProgressWays supports the customers to understand the root cause of issues based on Oracle best practices mannery.

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Our team of professionals provides a 24/7 support service for all Infrastructure Ambulance Services clients.



IT Service Management: A Must For Your Organization

IT Service Management (ITSM) is a strategic approach to designing, delivering, managing and improving the way information technology (IT) is used within an organization. The goal of ITSM is to ensure that the processes, people and technology are in place so that the...

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Naming Convention

What is naming conventions?Naming conventions for files is mainly a method of naming files that a company agreed upon use to help in coordination and management of their shared files. There is not really a known standard for naming files but there are for sure some...

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تحليل أداء أجهزة المستخدمين

تنتهج الشركات والمؤسسات عمومًا أسلوبًا تقليديًا للحفاظ على بيئة العمل ومحتواها المعلوماتي في مأمن وذلك بالتوجه مباشرةً لتعزيز الحمايةِ وتطوير سبلها لمركز البيانات (DataCenter) وذلك أمرٌ مهمٌ بلاشك لكنه ليس الحل لكل مشكلة.  المشاكل التي تلحق بمراكز البيانات...

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How Change Management Impacts Software Development

Every time there is a software update or a new feature added on Facebook, users find it difficult in the initial stages to adapt to these changes. Just like there have been mixed reactions to the new Facebook features or the animated emoticons, every software upgrade...

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We are delighted with ProgressWays and the End point monitoring solution they have delivered. They were very quick in picking up our needs and simplifying the complex.

Mr. Abdulnaseer AlBalwi

Director of IT, FlyNAS

ProgressWays-IT; A Solutions Provider with an advanced leap.

Mohammad Abdeen

Customer Services Manager, IKK Group